Dilemma of choosing my research topic chapatti- ghar ki moorgi daal barabar

Chapatti is near to my heart! I am a chapatti girl! Today I feel proud saying that…but I remember in year 2004…My supervisor when suggested me two topics to chose upon for the M Tech Degree (one was on chapatti and other was on protein functionalities)..the very first reaction came into my mind…what is this…I am not a housewife, nor a cook who will work on a topic like chaaapati….a big No!!..I want to work on some fancy, Highfi, scientific and technical topic like chapatti….

One very best friend of mine suggested that its good topic and you will learn a lot. Initially the challenges would be more but yes…the scope in the future is tremendous…with his thoughtful insight; I decided to work on the dear chapatti…

My journey of research on chapatti will be shared in separate blog…

………So from year 2004 till date the journey is never ending….and yes in future also I along with my research team, WE ARE GOING TO EXPLORE THIS darling of ours !!!!!

If any scientist, lay person, friends, family members, extended family members (male in particular) would ask me :what is your topic of research? Answering on chapatti, everyone would get surprised or sometime big question mark on the face, what is she going to research on it…everyday we are making chapatti at home…big deal….

If the females asked the above question, atleast there was some support (emotional) ….because they knew the pain in making chapatti..and there would many questions ….I would answer them like a scientist and also offcourse to show that I am working on something that s great which people do not agree upon (ghar ki moorgi daal barabar:..self possessions are not valued …

For past 13 years, I am working on so many different types of flat breads like chapatti, parathas, phulkas, pooris, khakara, kulcha, thalipeeth, multigrain, functional variants and so on… ….standardization, studying ingredients, their chemistry, technology, process parameters, optimization, improving quality, extending shelf life, preventing staling, crumbliness and so on….There is so much to do in each and every aspect…

Today starting from the big to small scale industry people do approach me for solving the chapatti problem….in my next blog I would be listing the problems faced by chapatti industry…

Through this blog I would like to share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge that I have gained on my darling chapatti…

Dear readers please feel free and comment on my blogs…This is very first blog I dared to write so might be some mistakes..



Author: Shalini Arya

Working as faculty for more than 9 years at Food English and Technology Dept. Area of research interest includes Indian traditional foods their chemistry technology and shelf life extension

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