All about chapatti…

Chapatti, chapathi, poli, roti and many names for this tiny circular shape…
Chapatti is an Indian unleavned flat bread, making of chapatti is so difficult..
Olden days while choosing bride; one of the selection criterion was ability to roll a circular shape chapatti…
well today the situation might have changed due to whatever reason ..the fact remains the same that….. Making of chapatti is very difficult…

Today in Mumbai whether the women is working or full time housewife, or part time house wife, she will higher a chapatti wali
This chapatti wali will make chapattis for both mornings and evenings..and people are eating Add to dictionary on both quality, freshness and everything. This is because we are Indians and we have been eating this chapatti since childhood, yet we have not fully accepted bread (leavened) or we do not want to …

So I thought the most important staple in every body’s home should be discussed and addressed..
through this blog I wish to write all about chapatti..


Author: Shalini Arya

Working as faculty for more than 9 years at Food English and Technology Dept. Area of research interest includes Indian traditional foods their chemistry technology and shelf life extension

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